Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Survitec Group is announcing a new liferaft davit geared to meet the needs of survival and evacuation of workers, passengers and crew on offshore platforms or high freeboard vessels. Liferafts are the latest addition to the wide range of evacuation slides and rafts manufactured under the brand SurvitecZodiac, and incorporate the latest expertise and innovation in design and technology teams escape.

A new liferaft davit
A new liferaft davit
Also part of the wide range of launch and recovery systems (LARS) of Survitec Group for offshore platforms and ships. This includes liferafts, evacuation slides, escape chutes and liferafts and is a market that Survitec Group has been giving increasing attention in response to customer demand. Because of this new davit launched liferaft is also designed for use in wind turbines highest in the world for which there is currently no feasible alternative escape method.

New liferafts are available in two sizes weighing either 84 or 63 kgs (SOLAS A or package B). Both can accommodate up to eight people and is stored in a container resistant glass. In an emergency the container is connected to a box and swung outboard which is inflated and boarded. Boom brake then be released, either by a member of the crew on deck or by a raft occupant throwing a throwing line. The liferaft will then descend safely at sea at any height up to 36 meters.

Sea anchors are automatically displayed below the liferaft to reduce drift, improve stability and to ensure that survivors are left together to speed rescue. Both sizes liferaft equipped with connection points so they can be towed to a safer or more convenient place. Even with sea anchors deployed the smaller of the two life rafts may be towed at full load at a speed of 3 knots without risk of damage.

Careful design has beenapplied to the details of the implementation process for inflation, loading and deployment of new liferafts as quickly as possible. Tests have shown that the liferaft SurvitecZodiac can be ready by the trained crew approached by eight and 36 meters down to sea level in just four minutes.

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